Outdoor activities in Kimberley – 3 Exhilarating options

Outdoor activities in Kimberley - 3 Exhilarating options

Here are three outdoor activities in the Kimberley area that will get your blood pumping or give you goosebumps.

Dirt Trax Outdoor Activities – 29km from Kimberley

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You will find Dirt Trax 29 kilometers outside Kimberley on the N8 towards Petrusburg. The Dirt Trax venue includes race tracks for off-road bikes and quads to an adventurous 4×4 track. Races include Endurance races, Motor cross, 4×4, and fun days.

Dirt Trax offers

  • Rocky uphills
  • Stony, steep downhills
  • 4×4 Obstetrical track
  • Short off-road track
  • Rally-x / Flat track / Motocross track
  • Kiddies bike track

Ghost Trail in Kimberley

Source: kimberley.co.za

Outdoor and ‘indoor’ activities in Kimberley will make your hair stand on end.

Death on the diamond diggings and later during the Anglo-Boer War, gave Kimberley many haunted corners. Failed romance and other downright gory deaths, like a huge fire in the old De Beers Mine in which hundreds of miners perished also helped. Today, the shivering facts and fallacies about ghostly visitations are packed in a fun and entertaining guided ghost trails. Kimberley has many stories of ghost sightings in haunted places.

Some places visited could include the Kimberley Club, Rhodes’ Boardroom, and Rudd House – an archetypal haunted house. The tour ends just before the clock announces the bewitching hour at the grave of the Frankensteins in the Gladstone Cemetery.

There are several alternative Ghost tours available, including the recently launched Big Hole Ghost Walk as well as a visit to Magersfontein battlefield at night where perhaps one may see the swinging lanterns of the stretcher-bearers and hear the ghostly bagpipes. Several battlefield graveyards are also visited on this unique tour.

Perhaps one of the best-loved Kimberley ghost tours begins at the Honoured Dead Memorial, designed by Sir Herbert Baker for the 27 British soldiers killed during the Siege of Kimberley between 1899 and 1900 during the Anglo-Boer War. Sip a welcoming glass of sherry to soothe your nerves, and then off you go.

Kimberley has 158 haunted houses and buildings with well over 200 still to be verified by paranormal experts, but you’ll visit ones known to have resident ghosts!

8 Mile Outdoor Adventures

Source: kimberley.co.za

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If you’re looking for an outdoor activity or team building activity that is adventurous and challenging then we have just the thing for you at 8Mile Outdoor Adventures.

Whether your priority is to energize, motivate, inspire or rebuild your team, we deliver a teambuilding experience that will provide key benefits for your organization and staff. We’re unique, and passionate about helping you to deliver real results for your organization.

Each course is specifically designed to offer all visitors an exhilarating, yet challenging outdoor experience. Breathe in the fresh air. Slide, balance, jump, crawl, dash, swing, or stroll through our courses that will test your physical ability, brainpower, and balancing skills.

Our courses provide a wonderful way to get those muscles and minds working in a beautiful and peaceful outdoor setting.

  • Tree to Tree via cargo nets
  • Ziplines
  • Barrels
  • Rope Bridges
  • Balancing Beams
  • Slide, balance, jump, crawl, dash, swing or stroll

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