Roan Antelope Hunting in the South African Bushveld

Hunting a Roan Antelope in South Africa

We have put together everything you need for hunting a Roan Antelope. Bowhunting, Rifle hunting and general info included.

You will get specific details about bowhunting and rifle hunting methods.

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Why hunt Roan?

With their horse-like build, Roan are one of the largest species of antelope in Africa, second only to Eland and a large Kudu bull. These animals are usually hunted after you have done a number of trips to Africa. They make a marvelous addition to a trophy collection and make stunning pedestal mounts when mounted with their close cousin, Sable Antelope. Shoulder mounts and European skull mounts are also very popular.

Hunting a Roan Antelope

Roan Antelope Characteristics

Name: Roan Antelope

Scientific Name:  Hippotragus Equinus

Weight:  280KG (M) 250KG (F)

Shoulder height: 1.4M (M) 1.3M (F)

Mating Season: Throughout the year

Habitat:  West, Central and Southern Africa

Bow Hunting a Roan Antelope in South Africa

Equipment information

A minimum arrow velocity:  245 fps

A minimum arrow weight:   A minimum arrow weight of 450 grains (gr)

Draw weight:  70 lb

Broad heads:     Suggested broad heads for bow hunting roan in South Africa would be a minimum of 100 grains (gr) to 125 grains (gr)

A cut on contact fixed 3-blade broad head.

Rage II mechanical broad head.

A fixed blade 2-blade broad head with bleeders.

Shot placement

When using the broadside shot place the shot right behind the shoulder of the roan in line with the front leg, one third of the way up from the bottom of the chest to the top of the back.  This shot should result in a high heart / lung shot leading to the roan expiring in the least amount of time.

When using the quartering away shot place the arrow in a spot bisecting the angle formed by the front legs into a position one third of the way up from the bottom of the brisket to the top of the back.

Quartering to shot – Not recommended because of the dept of the chest area.

Make your experience unforgettable.

Make your experience unforgettable.

Rifle Hunting Roan Antelope in South Africa

Equipment information

For medium and large body size animals the following rifles can be used 270, 300 WSM, 300 WIN,

308, 30-06.  When using the 308 and the 30-06 a minimum bullet weight of 150 gr is recommended.

Roan Antelope Information

Roan antelope are one of the largest species of antelopes.  The Roan antelope is a large antelope with a horse-like build.

The body color is overall fawn, with the lower parts of the legs dark brown to black. The distinctive black and white facial markings are characteristic features of this species.

This fairly large antelope is indigenous to the more northern reaches of Southern Africa. However, game ranching has made him available in many places where he was not previously found. The “roan” in his name refers to his coloring, which shows a strawberry tint when the light is right. The black and white pattern on his face may remind you of the gemsbok and thus his Afrikaans name: bastergemsbok (bastard gemsbok).

When hunting roan antelope, the hunter can be subjected to serious injury if he gets too close to the backward sweep of the roan’s powerful horns.

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